March mood
Spring cleaning

Why not organize all those pretty little messes, piles of scarves, cluttered drawers, and stacks of magazines? Marie Kondo got nothing on you once you carve out the time for a spring cleaning, reorganize your small treasures and make room for new decorative items: an Ibi fan on your wall, a pile of adorned pillows and a cute bedside table. 

And once you're done? Enjoy the fruits of your labour by treating yourself to a little bit of jazz, a slow Sunday morning and breakfast enjoyed in bed.

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No shallow waters

Sometimes it’s the minor details that create the greatest impact. A new assortment of woven containers for your trinkets, powder brushes and odd size jewellery or hide the piles of laundry that tend to build over the week in the spacious Lykke baskets.

A tufted rug shaped like a beautiful Koi fish makes stepping out of bed, the shower, or the warmth of the sofa a luxurious treat, not an overwhelming effort.

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Making March Memorable

Virginia Woolf said it best: We should all be entitled to a room of our own. Have you created yours? If not, now is the time to claim your space for creative endeavours, quiet reflection, literature-loving and jotting down magnificent thoughts and bright ideas.

We love the idea of an unconventional workspace that can transition from a home office into a reading nook or the ideal place for arts and crafts. Our Berit desk offers a minimalist and modern version of a desk that can double job as a creative space or an artistic corner.

The clean lines serve as a perfect backdrop for new prolific ideas and the elegant storage folders, makes it easy to stay organized, rearrange swiftly and keep physical backups of whimsical visions.

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Whimsical visions

Turn the room into your vibrant mood booster with our colourful notebooks, the quirky Skirt lamp and our colourful hand-woven basket, Hanna, which works equally well as a hanging art piece as a hold-all for your sketches, markers, and memorabilia.

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