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May - You make me feel
like spring has sprung

Nothing feels more refreshing and reassuring that summer is underway than bringing your garden to life with a complete makeover or a curated upgrade.

The new sustainable range of doormats, Ceres, is produced in PET yarn made from recycled post-consumer plastic. It is not only plastic with the luxurious look and feel of wool. They do not absorb liquids, and any of your coffee or red wine spills are quickly cleaned off. They come in a demure colour scale and a soft and fuzzy texture which make them appear as cosy rugs for an outside living room. 

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Holiday nostalgia

The same versatility is apparent in the new range of garden furniture appropriately named Eden. The design is classic and sleek, and because all chairs are stackable, you can easily move them from the conservatory to the balcony, from your terrace to your neighbour’s lawn.

In keeping with our multifunctional design thread, we’ve also introduced an entirely new series of seating cushions, covers and mattresses suitable for the beach, a sun bed or as part of the interim interiors in your kids’ tree house. The Franka styles serve as informal flashes of stripes, fun and holiday nostalgia – best enjoyed in the company of a mellow mind, a warm heart, and your favourite ice cream flavours.

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Satisfied, treated and full

In need of a new look for your Sunday lunch spreads or Friday night nibbles? We’ve included ample plates to the Eli collection that can easily work as serving platters as well as perfect dinner dishes.

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