Broste Copenhagen

Broste Copenhagen x Maria Berntsen

At Broste Copenhagen we strive to achieve sustainable design, which we tend to express through our uncompromising attention to detail in our design process, resulting in timeless products that will stand the test of time and wear, stylistically and quality-wise.

We are proud to present our new design collaboration with acknowledged Danish designer Maria Berntsen. Since 1992 the Copenhagen-based designer has had her own practice focusing on architecture and design. Maria finds her inspiration in nature, fashion, and current trends. The characteristics of Maria Berntsen are her thoughtful approach to design processes, her interpretation of trends, and how she transforms these into unique designs.

“At the start of a new project, I look for an idea with nerve, functionality, and identity. By modelling and visualizing, I test the idea, how it might be used, and its presence. Good design communicates and establishes a dialogue with the recipient. Design is not just about functionality – it is as much about the emotional connection and impact. To me, success is when my design brings joy to the everyday lives of people.”

The exclusive collaboration between Maria Berntsen and Broste Copenhagen is all about individuality and challenging new, modern design in a Nordic context. Based on a shared philosophy, we have developed and designed these magnificent pieces that invite you to participate in the design process by giving you the opportunity to change certain parts of the furniture according to your functional or visual preference.

Moon table

A dinner table is often severely exposed to wear through years of cosy family dinners, which is why you should never compromise on quality. The Moon table is designed with focus on stability, functionality, and character, which are clearly expressed through minimalist timeless design and quality materials. Through modelling and visualization, the construction and appearance have come to life, and the result is a light and airy expression.

This selection features four characterful pieces: two table top designs; a wooden and a laminate option, a static frame, and a set of trestles. The trestles are based on the frame’s construction, ensuring the same level of stability via a convenient three-piece solution. Combine the static frame with your preferred table top design to create a minimalist, stationary dinner table solution, or utilize the mobility provided by the trestles to quickly and conveniently set up some extra dinner seats or additional office workspace.

Introducing a dinner table came as a natural extension of our existing collections, as this exact table was designed to match our aesthetic as well as the height of our chairs impeccably, providing a table top on which our amazing selections of glass- and tableware can complete the perfectly eye-pleasing setting. You are now able to indulge in creating a full-blown Nordic dining experience, entirely with selections from Broste Copenhagen.