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A Nordic table setting with Christina Dueholm

There is nothing better than taking a seat at a well-provided table, knowing that you have done your utmost to ensure that everything is laid out perfectly. We use all our senses when we eat – and often quite subconsciously. Vision accounts for approximately 80% of the total experience before, during, and after a meal. So it means a lot if everything has been nicely and appetizingly plated up, and that the actual laying of the table follows suit.

Christina Dueholm, a well-known Danish blogger, offers her take on how to lay a perfect Nordic table. Christina is the woman behind the blog, which she has run for 10 years. She is a trained designer and has designed collections for Markberg, 2nd Day, and Nordic Concept. In 2016 she won the Blog Award in the fashion category, and her 80.000 unique monthly visitors make her blog one of Denmark's biggest.

With her designer background and long blogging career, aesthetics plays a major role in her daily life. Her keen eye for details is especially evident in her enviable home, which is the very epitome of inviting Scandinavian cool.

“For me, several things are important in terms of a perfectly laid table. Colours, for instance, are very significant with regards to the overall appearance. So often I choose a colour scheme before I even start, and I love the tone-in-tone look. Another vital aspect for me is flowers. Freshly cut flowers provide lots of lovely atmosphere and really give you an opportunity to play with colours and tones.”

Watch the whole video below. Who knows – you might get a bit of inspiration for your next table.

Watch the video with sound here>>