Broste Copenhagen

ECO-friendly stearin

Christmas is all about slowing down and paying attention to the important things in life. Embrace the cosiness of the holiday season and celebrate Christmas in a calm Nordic setting with deep colours and soft materials.

In this collection, we combine minimalist Nordic design, colours inspired by nature, and new materials and surfaces such as reflecting mosaics and glass.

This Christmas, Broste Copenhagen pays tribute to traditional Nordic design and aesthetics, but with a new and refreshing perspective. This collection focuses on rawness and wooden details, different sizes and volumes, and a range of judiciously selected colours.

Our new colour palette reflects the beautiful changing hues in nature as temperatures drop. More specifically, we are proud to present our colour card with hues such as Madder Brown, Agave Green, and Pompeian Red to accompany Grape Leaf and create a mix of deep and intense colours.