Broste Copenhagen

Fine and refined

The new and minimalistic ELI collection is characterized by its round edges and soft colours, which gives connotations to the modern Japanese tableware. Fine and refined. Japanese culture has a certain aesthetic to it that is entirely their own, and there are few places where this is more evident than the dining table.

The Japanese inspired collection has above all an aesthetic utility and consists of five ceramic items; two cups with or without handle, a small charming jug, a bowl and a rectangular plate. The collection comes in five different coloured glazes, which give the collection a playful touch where the reactive glaze creates an organic feel and ensures no two items are exactly a like.

The playfulness doesn’t stop here. Only the soft blue has a glossy glaze - reflecting light and adding vivid accents to the surfaces. The matte finish of the other items is unreflective and opaque, and has a subtle texture to its surface that is reminiscent of natural stone.