Feel Good

At Broste Copenhagen we want to ease your mind, assist your purchasing process, and make you Feel Good about the items that will inhabit your home.

We are all trying to do the right thing. Buy consciously and act responsibly. Sometimes it is easy to be confused as a consumer when deciding on how you choose wisely, when there are so many options out there.

This is why we have made a guiding label for all the items that we are especially proud of from a responsibility stand point.

Maybe they are a result of upcycling, recycling, or ecological farming. Maybe they require less transportation or are easy to repurpose. Maybe they are recyclable, or maybe they are just made from better materials than your average options. Regardless the story behind the product rest assured: When choosing a “Feel Good” item, you are making the better choice for your home, your family and for your own peace of mind.




Founded in 1992 Oeko-Tex is an organization where seventeen independent research and test institutes in Europe and Japan work together to develop testing methods and define limit values for the textile and leather industry. At Broste Copenhagen we are proud of our certifications as they ensure transparency and guidance for our customers. Products featuring the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 label are thoroughly tested from yarn to finished product, and they are guaranteed to be free from all harmful substances, including toxins and irritants.

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From plastic to soft textiles

At Broste Copenhagen we are expanding our sustainable ranges to include products made from recycled post-consumer plastic, such as plastic bottles and the like. When turned into PET-textiles the result is outstanding: Soft and versatile fabric with a wool like feel, yet with the practical qualities of plastic materials. These textiles are easy to clean with the mere wipe of a cloth, and because the PET-textiles do not absorb liquids, they will not stain easily either. 

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Paper Napkins - the Nordic Way

It is an integral part of our Nordic roots to minimize waste, enjoy leftovers, and rather keeping things cozy and small than lavish and extravagant. This is why we have linen napkins you can wash and reuse - and why we also have a curated range of paper napkins certified with the FSC® and Nordic Swan Certification. FSC® is the environmental standard for responsible forest consumption. As a consumer you can rest assured that you have chosen the better option when buying FSC® marked products. The Nordic Swan Certification is the official eco-label of the Nordic countries. Products labeled with this certification have a minimal environmental impact, and they are guaranteed to be devoid of any unhealthy or harmful substances.

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Often the simplest solutions are also the most sustainable. At Broste we want to make the most climate conscious choice without compromising on look and feel, and in the case of our linen products we manage to do just that. Linen is one of the most sustainable textiles available. It is waste free as the entire flax plant can be woven into fiber, and when processed organically withholding toxic dyes and chemicals, you avoid water contamination. In addition, linen is naturally biodegradable, extremely durable, and can be washed at very low temperatures.

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Chopping boards with a track record

At Broste Copenhagen we aim to do better and improve on our environmental impact every day. This is why all our wooden chop boards are FSC® certified. In an FSC® forest, there are only felled as many trees as the forest can manage to reproduce naturally. FSC® is the highest environmental standard for responsible forest consumption, and this is why we favor FSC®-labelled wood at Broste.

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Light a candle with a clear conscience

Nothing sets the mood as the lighting of a candle and nothing is more important to us, than ensuring that this act of ‘hygge’ comes with a clear conscience. This is why all Broste Copenhagen candles are carefully crafted within the EU and made from premium quality paraffin or candle wax. All candles are free from palm-oil, vegan, have a low soot index and are made with a 100% Oeko-Tex certified cotton wick.

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FSC® Paper Ornaments

Paper ornaments should not only bring joy to your home, but also leave you with peace of mind. Hence, all our paper ornaments have been carefully crafted from FSC®-certified paper, ensuring that all sustainable measures are in place when felling trees and producing the paper.

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Banana Paper Products

As more and more sustainable components become available to our production team, it becomes even easier to create climate conscious products. At Broste we are delighted to introduce banana paper into our range of designs, as it is an eco-friendly substitute for traditional paper materials. Derived from recycled banana tree bark, the banana paper is a durable and versatile material that benefits from the high density and strength of the banana plant’s fibers.

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Cotton Paper

Nothing feels better than turning trash into treasures and one of these small treasures is the cotton paper used for several of our bestselling designs. At Broste Copenhagen we are always looking for new ways to reuse redundant materials or recycle waste - and in the case of the cotton paper we succeed in a truly remarkable way. Cotton paper is created out of fiber waste from the textile industry, and the paper is soft to the touch, acid-free, durable, and versatile.

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Stacie Boxes

Getting organized becomes easy and guilt-free with our line of Stacie Boxes. Made from FSC®-certified Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and easily flat packed, these boxes are not only sustainably sourced they can also be stacked and transported easily leaving less of a climate imprint.

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