Broste Copenhagen

Gine Lamps by Ulrik Nordentoft

"I was inspired by a tailor's mannequin, thereby the name, Gine, which it's called in Danish where i was triggered by the ease of changing expression. Imagine insuring that kind of dynamics to a lamp with vibrant colours and materials."

“What I like the most about the Gine Lamp Series is that it is so intuitive and straightforward. You have something simple and minimalistic, that allows you to transform it - redress it and get a new expression matching your interior. 

The series consists of three lamp bases for the table, floor, and ceiling which can be paired with all the Gine shades. The shades are available in white opal glass and five colours in metal across two sizes, allowing you to release a playful element to your interior design. Ulrik’s finally notes “It doesn't just sit there, it changes your space, and it changes the way you interact with your space.”