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Unfold your endless imagination with a wide range of multifunctional products in countless colours and abstract dimensions.


Turn your home into a living universe.


Frankie is a light and soft plaid in 100% cotton, which gives a comfortable soft feeling when resting on the body. The creamy primary colour is combined with woven stripes in beige, brown or light purple. 

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The terrazzo material has existed for thousands of years and has become a design statement for the floor. This season, it has been the source of inspiration for a carpet of the same name. Create a calm frame when decorating with this tranquil motif, which has a living and aesthetic look. The carpets are hand-tufted and made of 90% wool and 10% viscose and has the perfect size for most rooms.

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The terrazzo gives it a unique appearance, and no two surfaces are alike with the abstract pattern made up of exposed marble chips in cement. The Razzo are made in multi-coloured glass in a crisp white and antler cement for a subtle effect that adds character to any tableau. A perfect organiser for the desk, bathroom or kitchen.

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The Pond puff has a the characteristic expression which quickly brings the delicate 'Macarons' to mind.
In warm and inviting tone-in-tone colours the puffs adds a playful element to any room.
This eye-catching identity can be used, as a pouf, a stool, a smaller table. The upholstery's three down to earth colors are produced in our durable Siena quality in a catchy look.


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The Sabbie baskets are hand-woven in thin bamboo straws and provides a beautiful and elegant solution for any storing of blankets, pillows or wrapping paper.

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Flora is bright pillow with embroidered soft coloured flowers in purple, yellow and orange which adds a vivid and elegant look and evokes memories of flower beds and birds singing. Mix and match the Flora pillow with rest of the textile collection and create a beautiful look in the couch or bed. Flora come in two sizes and is made in 100% cotton.

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With the look of a globe and Japanese inspiration, the intricately crafted, piece shelters candles in a sphere of bamboo. Its natural exterior accentuates the lines and enhances a true summer vibe. Due to its handcrafted nature, each candle holder is subtly different. To ensure a calm flame, candles of Ø 5 cm are recommended.

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