Broste Copenhagen


The joy of setting the table – and adding a few extra plates for good friends coming over unexpectedly for a simple, home-cooked meal on a midweek evening. The care invested in preparing the beds for guests staying overnight – letting the duvets hang outside for air and placing a bouquet of fresh flowers on the night stand before they arrive. The selfless kindness when getting up early on a cold and quiet Sunday morning to prepare hot tea and bread for the rest of the family, still sound asleep.

The Broste Copenhagen Autumn Winter collection 2019 is a tribute to the simple joys in life – and to all those little gestures of love and consideration we put into seemingly insignificant everyday routines. Home is where the heart is, the old saying goes. Idealized and clichéd this may seem, but there is truth in the notion that home is the one place where love, care and thoughtfulness rule. Between the four walls of home, life happens – everyday! And we had better nurture and cherish it.

With this in mind, we have created a collection that offers new, well-crafted furniture for your hallway, kitchen and living room, as well as a vast number of everyday items – from the vase on your window sill to the plates on your table. Together, like small pieces of a puzzle, they create the perfect home. Or rather, they create a home for lives that are sometimes messy, sometimes difficult, sometimes filled with uncertainty or frustration – and at other times … just perfect. Most often, because of the people around us.

As always, our roots in Nordic culture and way of life translate into the way we approach design. We like a kitchen to be stocked with reliable tools and a living room to be filled with furniture for the whole family to enjoy. We prefer taking a considered approach to consumption – always choosing materials that will stand the test of time, shapes, textures and patterns that will stay relevant across the seasons.

This Broste Copenhagen Autumn Winter collection 2019 is made for you – and for the people you love the most. Because, after all, we believe the most important quality of any home is not its furniture or décor, but the person who is there to open the door.