Mernee x Broste

In spring 2023 @_mernee’s daughter, Merle, is celebrating her confirmation. Due to Merle’s big day, they are planning a garden party with a beautiful tent, which will be decorated by following the rules of art.

When decorating, Louise and Merle love to mix and match different tableware, shades, and shapes. Our playful universe and tableware in different colours and shapes are the perfect choice for the desired surroundings for the confirmation table setting. 

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Louise is already a faithful owner of Broste Copenhagen interior in her colourful home, which fits perfectly with our identity, and therefore there was no doubt about the collaboration.

Merle and Louise had put together a mood board that represented the feeling and style they were looking for in a table setting: A garden party filled with flowers, varying shades that capture the natural surroundings, and organic shapes and colours which our tableware tastefully express. It all matches the season, the homely atmosphere, and Merle’s wishes. 


During the winter holidays, Merle and Louise stopped by our showroom and played with our different tableware, so they could be inspired and create the unique look they wanted for the table setting. They put together different tableware and ended up with a beautiful selection of our elegant tableware, which suited Merle’s taste and fulfilled the wishes for her big day. A classic bistro look that moves into a composition with the organic expression, all in golden shades. 

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