Nobuko Bookcase

The Nobuko Bookcase demonstrates the ingenuity of working with simple and refined functionality. The modular series consists of only one shelf which can be combined for the exact configuration that you like with the four different heights of legs.


The Nobuko shelves and legs are sold separately and are available in black and white.

It is a tough assignment to create a flatpack bookcase, that can be easily transported, can hold its own without a supporting cross at the back, and which can be remoulded to fit the personal needs of your living room, office space or playroom. In our collaboration with designer Mette Degn, we completed the challenge.

Inspired by the organic flexibility of bamboo the legs are offset to ensure stability, while the shelves are constructed to be interchangeable supporting structures as well. The sleek design allows the strong, slender legs to be the point of focus, whilst the slim shelves are a subtle add-on. The Nobuko bookcase is featured in black and white, and it comes in four different sizes.

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First pick your Nobuko legs
1: A single Nobuko section requires two set of legs. One set consists of two legs.
2: Extend the first section of Nobuko with one set of legs for each following section.
3: Pick the colour and height of each section between the four different legs.

Second place your Nobuko shelves
1: For a single section with evenly distributed shelves, we recommend:
Three shelves for Low Nobuko
Four shelves for Medium Nobuko
Five shelves for High Nobuko
Six shelves for Extra High Nobuko
However, there is room for even more shelves or less to create a smaller or larger spacing.
2: For the next section place the shelves staggered to the neighbouring shelves.
3: Count the number of shelves and pick your colour.

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Nobuko Bookend

The Nobuko bookend is an extension of the elegant features of the
bookcase; the cylinder shape being a robust reference to the tall, slim legs.

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Designed by Mette Degn

“Mette Degn understands how to apply her architectural background to functional, interior design. She has an admirable way of making strict minimalistic choices look easy and appealing. Mette Degn adds a contemporary sense of chic to home essentials - and it was a delight to collaborate with her.” Broste Copenhagen


“I loved the challenge posed by the ambitious Broste team. I was invited to create a flatpack bookcase, with no stabilizing cross at the back and multiple ways of repurposing the shelves. It is no easy feat especially when the look also needs to be aesthetically pleasing. I am so happy with the final piece. It turned out beautifully, it’s exceptionally flexible and you can customize it to suit your exact personal needs.


Broste Copenhagen is known for functional designs that make it easy to organize your belongings and create meaning out of a pretty mess. I designed the organic looking bookshelf and bookends with that endeavour in mind. I was inspired by the strong yet bendy structure of bamboo which is resilient under pressure and elegant in its simplicity.” Mette Degn

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