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Personalize your interior

Bold and colourful interior

Would you like to add more colour to your table setting and, at the same time, follow the latest trends? Luckily, we have gathered a selection of the hottest trends that can add excitement and colour to your table. Mix different dinner sets and glasses for a more creative and playful look. An easy way to add more colour to the table is with an eye-catching vase that gives your table a personal touch. Complete the table with colourful napkins that complement your chosen tableware.

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Modern setting

Are you the type who adores your reliable items but wants to add trend-based pieces to your collection? Then add some of our selected designs that can be combined with the ever-enduring classics and timeless designs. Our Nordic Bistro set is perfect for you with its neutral colour that follows the trend of serving on dishes with a stronger expression. If you want to add some colour to your table setting, our Hue glasses have a subtle green colour that fits perfectly to a modern table setting, and by adding our Diana Jute lamp, you follow trends while keeping it modern.

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Classic and soothing

Are you the comfortable and classic type who loves muted colours? You cherish quality design and classic tableware pieces and glasses. Therefore, we have collected a selection of table items that fit your setting perfectly. Our Nordic Vanilla set is elegant and ideal for combining other classic items. Mix it with the Sandvig glassware that holds a position of elegance and grace with its mouthblown glass with groves. For the finish, add our Lolly lamp with its natural, aesthetic look and classical shape.

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