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Playful Candles

A spring of colors

Twisted candles create a beautiful and playful expression in your spring decor. Choose from six different pastel colors, which can be mixed in many beautiful combinations. The new collection gives you the opportunity to create a soft and unique atmosphere and helps to create a personal and open expression in your home.

Spring inspiration 

The spring of 2021 is all about being present at the moment and being open to new opportunities. The unique candles have become a must have and provide optimism and catches your eyes immediately. Extend the spring with the bright colors and feel the design through the shape.

Living atmosphere

The candles are produced from paraffin and burns for 9 hours. The twisted candles are available in a light blue, purple, yellow, beige, white and in a darker blue colour, which allows you to play and combine the candles in your decor.

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Rainbow candles 

The Rainbow pillar candles brings a contemporary colour language to the archetypal pillar candle through a combination of traditional craftsmanship and playful design. In different subtle as playful, colour combinations and staggered dimensions to create a series of candles with a distinctive and design.

The clear pastel colours brings light and optimism to the home this spring. These six subtle color combinations forms the range of the Rainsbow series and its appealing look that catches the eye.
The candles are made of pure paraffin, only added color and hardener. They are cast in the best quality, to ensure you a long burning time.
With the candle's two different heights and their calm flame, you can add a living and inviting feeling to your home.

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Rustic Candles

Classic Rustic 

Classic rustic candles is available in a wide variation of colours and items. The warm colours create a soft feeling in the combination of different candles. The candles are handmade in paraffin.  


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