Broste Copenhagen

Pose and expose

An appreciation of object’s and their narrative value, whether that is collectables, iconic design or hand made close to your heard, is integral for us at Broste Copenhagen as an approach when crafting a space to leaves us filled with contentment. The Rillo pedestals are proudly presented as a part of Broste Copenhagen Autumn/Winter 2020 Collection. With their tactile, column shaped silhouette and matte concrete finish they empower our passion for curating an interior experience.

"Tell your stories without words"

Interior design with pedestals ads attention, refinement, height and interest to any room.

The neutral textured charcoal colour as well as the soft Camel blends in with most interior/exterior colour schemes. The three different highs offers many functions not only for showcasing a piece of art in an elevated style but also as an iconic side table or even as additional seating for unexpected guests.