Broste Copenhagen

Spring / Summer 2023

Home is where the B is


When you close your eyes, lean back into your favourite chair, and reflect on what is the essence of summer, a multitude of images, flavours and sensations come to mind. It is the image of ripe, yellow lemons plucked from the orchard and the bittersweet taste on your tongue when you’ve turned them into lemonade.

It’s the thought of an impromptu barbecues with your besties where fresh fish, green peas, corn on the cob, new potatoes and chilled rosé is all you need to feel satisfied, treated, and full. And it is the satisfying sensation of drinking your freshly brewed coffee barefoot and carefree after a morning dip in the ocean.

Summer is about taking your time to enjoy the satisfying feat of finishing a remarkable classical novel within two days. It’s about redecorating the terrace, so it can serve as an extension of your living room throughout the summer and replenishing your herbal garden – even if it only consists of a few pots of basil, thyme and rosemary on the balcony. And it’s all about (finally!) getting all those finishing touches in place, like seeking out curated tablesettings for the summer gatherings. Getting proper pillows and throw rugs for the garden furniture or just ensuring that you’ve restocked the cupboards with candles, champagne flutes, and flower vases - all the essentials required to set the scene for casual brunches and cosy summer dinners.


We asked ourselves how we could make it a delight instead of a chore to update your summer house, holiday cabin or the ins and outs of your own home. Thus, we wanted to make this collection a curated continuation of previous themes and motifs, making sure that your favourite keepsakes and items from summers past will fit right in with new colourful pieces and mood-boosting accessories.

We allowed our colour scheme to offer a fresh take on classical nudes such as beige, greige and muted nuances of yellow, green, and brown; and then we added hints of perky blue, bright green and popping pink making the overall impression light-hearted and lovely.


Above all, we wanted to make the seasonal transition as joyful and frill-free as possible, so you can spend less time organizing and more time pursuing new summer memories. Whether you are within or outside your home, we’ll ensure you’re perfectly equipped to set the scene just as you had imagined.


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