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Nordic Bistro

Stackable cups and plates made from sturdy ceramics in a deep, sandy beige is the latest addition to Nordic Bistro - our design collaboration with interior designer, Aurelién Barbry.

Nordic Bistro Tableware

The industrial feel is smoothed over by the soft edges and perfectly shaped handles making the collection easy to style in both minimalist and colourful settings. The initial inspiration for the Nordic Bistro collection was the vibrant food scene of downtown Copenhagen - but the versatility of the items makes them perfect for casual dinner parties as well as restaurant meals.

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Nordic Bistro Glassware

These refined pieces made from hand-blown glass are available in a combination of clear and smoked glass. The smoked series is contemporary, while the new colour palette brings a classic look while maintaining a recognisable outline. A distinct, connective addition to the table – to serve a glass of water or juice for breakfast – the carafe comes with a simple and minimalist silhouette characteristic for the series.

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Aurelien Barbry

Aurelien Barbry is an acknowledged industrial and interior designer with a master’s in Industrial & Interior Design from Ecole Camondo, Paris 1996 with his own studio in Copenhagen and New York.

“Design is an exercise where you take the simplest things in your daily life and ask yourself how they could be done differently.”

On his idea for Nordic Bistro, Barbry notes: “I wanted to bring a statement to the table which was both stackable and easy to dish because both space and time is limited at home and at a restaurant.”

"My design philosophy is to move objects towards more simplicity and obviousness. To create a dialogue with the end user and to renew typologies."

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