Stevns Tableware

The Stevns tableware series is crafted from white stoneware, providing a clean and timeless aesthetic. Every piece is glazed with a “Chalk White,” glossy glaze, which creates a subtle colour variation and enhances the ceramic’s inherent beauty. It accentuates the relief decorations, resulting in a visually captivating and unique final product.

The Designer

Designed by Danish ceramic designer Julie Bonde, educated at the Royal Danish Design School in 2008 with a beautiful portfolio of ceramic designs. She values emotional connections with our belongings, treating them as cherished companions for a mindful, waste-free lifestyle.

Stevns Klint

The tableware gracefully mirrors the geological formations of Stevns Klint in its design, baring a refined and minimalistic aesthetic.

Each dinnerware piece features clean lines and understated textures by translating the layers into reliefs. This understated approach encapsulates the essence of Stevns Klint’s natural beauty, allowing the tableware to evoke a sense of calm sophistication. The result is a dining experience where simplicity and elegance converge, reminding us of the inherent beauty of nature’s delicate intricacies.