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Svante & Ninna by Maiken Lindhardt

"Every inch is designed to give the perfect combination of places to display beloved items as well as hide them away"

Svante Shelves

"The idea behind the Svante series was to design small storages units with a simple expression and a high level of functionality," tells designer Maiken Lindhardt. Nothing on expression of the design, Lindhardt explains: "The two shelves involved from an ongoing study of compositions and functional need -  by modeling levels and surfaces," and adds: "I want to see if it was possible to achieve several types of storage solutions with a sculptural composition."

The svante shelves are available with and without mirror across two colors, allowing you to use the design alone or to have a mixed wall installation. They are crafted in Europe in powder-coated steel and are elegantly mounted to the wall by a suspension rail - a detail Maiken Lindhardt is quite fond of. 

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Ninna Tables

"It started as an idea of creating a connection between the industrial look and a soft cozy feeling."

Maiken Lindhardt is also the designer behind the Ninna Table series which is designed to make a clean aesthetic addition to any home or any office. This is achieved through the combination of material, color, and form. Along with the strong visual expression, the tables are carefully thought out to meet functional needs in large and useful storage spaces.

The tables come across three colors and are in Europe in matte powder-coated steel. The collection consists of two tables that are proportioned to either stand alone or in combination with each other and by adding the pillow to the Ninna Table High you can change it into a stool. 

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