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Nothing sets the stage better than the entryway and we love a curated and highly personalized look. Just go for a one-of-a-kind approach and create the most welcoming entry for your guest. Making a statement with your hallway isn’t hard, going personal is inherently impactful, but being an entryway means function is important.

Keeping colors complimentary and the layers of patterns to a handful, you can avoid going overboard, however. You don’t want your eclectic entryway to feel dull, but you also want it to be welcoming and polished.

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Add an eye-catching seating element, like a chair or bench to sit on when the shoes need to be tied. An entryway isn’t complete either without a mirror. They are both a decorative and practical touch in an entryway and are perfect for smaller entryways which don’t have much natural light, as they will reflect light around the room and give the appearance of a larger space.

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Make it personal

A console or pedestal table is a must for any entryway, and in an eclectic entryway, you have a chance to make a bold statement with a unique piece! One other very important element of any eclectic space, entryways included, is artwork. Artwork pulls a space together, sets the tone - whether that is formal, informal, whimsical or stately, and in an eclectic entryway design, artwork is a finishing touch that can’t be forgotten.

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Another essential element in any entryway is an area rug. Rugs can not only add a protective layer to your flooring, create a sound barrier and soft landing, but they also have great potential to be a statement piece in any design. There is no shortage of rug designs to choose from, and in your eclectic entryway design, the rug is a key piece.

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