Broste Copenhagen

The Human Connection

Now more than ever, we all need devoted relationships, the comforting feeling of hugs, being heard and cared for as well as a feeling of belonging — whoever we are, wherever we are.

A human connection is the greatest gift we can give each other. It has the power to deepen the moment, build trust and sooth the soul. At Broste Copenhagen we believe our home is our sanctuary, where we can be presence in the moment with our loved ones. It enables us to revive our energy and process the day. It makes us able to reconnect and connect.

Our Autumn Winter 2020 collection is a tribute to human connections, sanctuaries and homes.  A place mixed of personal and handpicked items that make you feel comfortable. Our new collection allows you to be playful and combine materials, shapes and colors and mix your favorite heirlooms, old classics and freshen up the look with items in the season’s trend colors. 

The collection focuses on organic shapes, calm natural tones and soft textiles which bring an authentic and personal atmosphere in your home. Explore our new collection and pick your favorite items.