Broste Copenhagen

The living room

“Home is where the heart is.” It is the one place where love, care, and thoughtfulness rule. A home should be full of love and joy, and this feeling does not develop just because of a specific product. However, we believe that your guests and your home set the scene for creating the best memories. With that in mind, a living room should be furnished so that the whole family can enjoy it; it needs to be inviting and welcoming. A personal home created to fulfil your and your family’s specific needs. 

Our living room is one of the most important spaces in our home. It is where your family most often gathers in the evening, where you relax with a good cup of coffee on a rainy day, and where your guests are often seated when visiting your home. It is the place where we gather our strength and find inspiration for our next adventure.

No matter the size of our living room space, it is the true heart of the home and the pace that welcomes you when you come back to your personal sanctuary; it is the place that listens to everything that happens to you in good and bad, the place you can stay to relax, recharge, and simple be you.

We hope and wish to inspire you to be able to create the perfect living room space for you. Your personal space. Please sit back, relax, and be inspired by our living room essentials, items that will personalize your home and most important of all make you feel at home. All in all, like small pieces of a puzzle, these products create a perfect home. Or rather, they create a home for lives that are sometimes everything else than structured; they might be difficult and filled with busyness and frustration, but even when our lives are far from perfect, our homes should help us overcome the chaos and embrace us lovingly