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The living room

A living room should feel familiar and comforting,  with an artsy edge and curated look. We don’t call  for formality and symmetry but rather selects a  contented and interesting approach. Functionality  should however always be a priority.

Beige is seen to the eye as calming, as it gives off a warmth from the browns and a crisp edge from the white. When using beige in the living room add different textures and hues of beige. This will add visual interest to the room. Consider choosing a complimentary colour palette, that will bring out the tones and cosy nature of the beige.

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The key to pull off this style is by using bold patterns, saturated color, and mismatched favorite elements that goes together in some aspect. Using a consistent texture of pillow on all contrasting furniture can pull the look together, or even coordinating the artwork on the walls with the rug on the floor can be a subtle touch that brings the space full circles.

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This season we have use different hues of beige as a starting point which adds a warm natural vibe and is easily paired with splashes of warm, cold, dark, or light colours and textures. Beige invites to an atmosphere with room for “hygge” and relaxation. Depending on the colour palette, beige can be taken in a more classic or modern style direction and can be paired with neutral or vibrant colours.

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