Broste Copenhagen

The Perfect Summer Table

The knack of creating a charming, aesthetic table setting should never be taken for granted. It is like first impression.

The Spring/Summer 2019 table setting features sophisticated rustic pieces, vivid colours and intriguing unusual shapes, which we have illustrated in the video below.

Table design is one of our core competencies and clearly visible in our distinctive ranges of tableware and glassware, which all exude craftsmanship and a rustic feel. Hand-crafted pieces and reactive glazes add tactility and charm to any table, at the same time ensuring a unique, personal setting. We have laid this particular table with elegant pieces from our ranges of tablecloths and napkins, made entirely from eco-friendly linen with a rustic, authentic feel. We have also displayed seasonal flowers in tinted-glass vases, revitalized by the incorporation of fascinating new shapes and contemporary colours in the designs. These vases provide a subtle, elegant, eye-catching element on the table, while also reflecting this season’s colour-blocking trend.