Maria Berntsen, Designer of Vils

Georg Vases & Vils plates

Maria Berntsen

Maria Berntsen is an architect educated from The Royal Danish Academy of Architecture followed by studies in France at l'Ecole d'Architecture de Bordeaux. She has worked as an industrial designer since 1992, when she opened her own design studio at Skt. Annæ Plads in Copenhagen.

Georg Vases

"The Georg vases each present a way to display flowers through each of their sculptural expressions along with their graphic character when not in use”, tells designer Maria Berntsen about her new design. On the shape, Berntsen notes, “The function and form pleas to different flowers and plants. Add a solitaire flower to the closed vase, a spring branch to the cylinder, and let a bouquet or an orchid unfold in the open vase. The flowers will be carried in different ways and create a new expression.”

The series is made with a solid base and clear top in mouthblown glass and comes in three burnt shades; dark brown, dark rose, and amber adding a subtle toned interplay between the transparent and the opaque surfaces.

Vils Plates

Vils is a series of stoneware plates in natural complementary colours with a welcoming surface and edge, which, despite the stoneware weight, has a visual ease that opens up for use. “It is the intuitive feeling of the material’s nature and the sensuousness of the form that is important to me”, explains Maria Berntsen who is the designer behind.

“It is created to gather people around the table and create a welcoming tableau for foods to be shared” adds Berntsen. “Just as it can be the unifying surface in the living room for the candle or the jewelry in the bathroom. I strive at having multifunctional things in my home - just to have fewer things,” says Berntsen.