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The bricks of life build us all. Like marvellous masterpieces. We build life moment-by-moment, experience-by-experience, each moment and experience resting on the foundation we’ve already laid - closely entangled with the bricks given to us at birth. Our heritages.

Our inherited sense of identity comes in many forms; values, traditions, culture, genes, wealth, and even horrible artefacts handed down to us through generations. Maybe you have that characteristic smile, or you walk deep in your grandfather’s shoes, or you have a last name that makes eyes light up - even though there is no word worth to be told. Heritages can be both the light and the hollow echo throughout our lives.

In Spring/Summer 2021 we are setting it all free and embracing all our bricks to focus on putting them together one by one. When it’s not all about the individual bricks, we can take it all in as a whole. It’s all about using your imagination, a spirit of make-believe, exploring possibilities, and being playful. Being playful and allowing ourselves to receive the unknown or the known in an unfamiliar way. Sense our playfulness through colour and form and enjoy this Spring collection.


Embrace your heritage and set yourself free.

Svante shelves & Ninna Tables

Design by Maiken Lindhardt

"Every inch is designed to give the perfect combination of places to display beloved items as well as hide them away"

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Kitchen stories

Where meals and memories are made.

Vibrant tableware can make everyday meals a little bit more exciting and mixes well with formal pieces.

Turn your table into a cabinet of curiosities.

Our Spring/Summer 2021 catalogue

Go exploring and find inspiration in our new Spring/Summer 2021 collection; let it guide you through our Contemporary Nordic universe
bursting with playful and vibrant news. We love and accept that our bricks can be both the light and the echo throughout our lives and welcome our ‘Heritage’
with bobbles and confetti! Sense our designs through colour and form and enjoy our collection.


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