Christmas Collection 2023

And so, this is Christmas…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and now more than ever, we look to the nostalgia of holidays past when we decorate for our future memories. This year we have wished to welcome the warm and comforting colours that nature provides, add new versions of our most treasured childhood ornaments, and give in to our sweet tooth.

Whether you want to fill your home with childhood friends, old family members or new neighbourhood acquaintances, we have ensured that you can decorate with ease, light up with joy and sprinkle calming touches of warm colours wherever you see fit.

We love how your grandmother’s nativity scene, your father’s old snow globes and the homemade decorations from your kids can be intermixed with our beautiful paper fruits, bonbons in glass, and delicate, beaded sweets. True to tradition, we have stocked up on festive trinkets and handmade treasures to make your home sparkle with heartwarming cheer, just as we have filled every candle holder with lights in subtle candy colours, muted nudes and a glossy red.


We wish you a merry Christmas
- and a happy, homely holiday.

Joy to the world

Pulp is our pride and joy. A collection of handmade ornaments imbued with personal touches and social consciousness. All styles are fashioned from Katran; a 100% bio-degradable material made from upcycled cotton fabric waste. Each item is lovingly shaped and painted by hand, and the hero piece, our shining star, comes with a magnetic lining that interlocks around the top of your tree.

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