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A history of candles, colors and charming interior

Broste was founded in Copenhagen in 1955 by the entrepreneural Ulf Brøste, who had a knack for picking out small pieces of furniture, decorative interior items, trinkets, and gift items from his travels around the world. Being inspired by the success of the Danish Modern movement, he decided to help aspiring talents with production and distribution alongside his own handpicked collections.

During the 60’s and 70’s the scope was widened with flagshipstores around the canals of Copenhagen, and a designated import of kelim rugs and vintage decor. During the 80’s and 90’s focus shifted towards wholesale and an in-house production of candles and gift items was established.

The brand name, Broste Copenhagen, was established during the early aughts and it came to represent the values and DNA of the Danish design company. Ever since our main objective has been to provide great design solutions that are versatile and accessible; easy on the eye and perfect for Scandinavian easy living.

In 2010 Broste was acquired by Norweigan Gunnar Hillestad and Danish Kim Larsen; and ever since Kim Larsen has been the dynamic CEO and visionary of the company, ensuring that the legacy has been honored and the design ambitions broadened.

Today the Broste interiors are sold worldwide and 95 % of all our products are designed in-house by our handpicked design team. Broste has become synonymous with easy living essentials, the well-wrought tableware, handcrafted vases, mouthblown glass, bespoke candles and colourful textiles.

So, if you want to create playful atmospheres, colourful dinner tables and welcoming furniture you want to chat, nap and live in, Broste is your design destination. Broste is cosy, contemporary, and accommodating design that invites you to enjoy small routines like they were special occasions.

Say hello to our design team, Kristina, Signe and Sisse

At Broste Copenhagen, we design for homes and the people who live in them, with an acute awareness of comfort and colour, delightful details, and Scandinavian style. And we couldn’t do it without our brilliant design team. So, say hello to:

Kristina Dam holds a master’s in graphic design from the Royal Danish Academy. As Brand & Design Director, she oversees the creative direction of the brand and product designs. This position allows her to bring her unique aesthetic vision and commitment to craftsmanship and quality to a broader audience while pushing the boundaries of Scandinavian functional design.

“As the director of Broste Copenhagen’s brand and design, I’m passionate about creating beautiful, sustainable objects for the home. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of Scandinavian design while staying true to the principles of being unpretentious, obviously usable, and atmospheric. Our products are designed to enhance people’s lives, and I am proud to bring my aesthetic vision and commitment to craftsmanship to our brand.”

Signe Haupt holds a master’s in furniture design from the Royal Danish Academy. Growing up in a creative home, Signe always knew she wanted to be a designer. Furniture has been her passion ever since she could draw, and today she scouts local flea markets and international design hubs for fresh ideas. 

“Great design is in the detail. How does it suit your body? How will it appeal to your eyes as well as your hands? What makes it work beyond current trends and pass the test of time? I’m always curious to find new ways to create shapes, functionalities and colour schemes that give a room character and a home personality.”

Sisse Maria Witek holds a master’s in textile and product design from the Royal Danish Academy. Seeking inspiration worldwide but most notably from the actual process of designing, Sisse is interested in creating products that have an artistic and functional appeal. 

“Every collection tells a unique story - and for me, the prints and textiles serve as the red (or green or blue) thread throughout the narrative. I love every aspect of the design process, working illustratively, creating new prints, and transferring my sense of colour, materiality and trends to products such as vases, candlesticks, and tableware.”